To create a writing task, you should use the corresponding button in the plus menu. Except for the default set of input fields (title, pass-through), this type of content has a special option "For group members only."

When activated, this task can only be solved by learners of the specific learning groups that exist in the course. Accordingly, written solutions can only be checked by the teachers who teach in the corresponding study groups.

If this option is not enabled, the author of the course can check the solutions himself. The additional settings of the written tasks are completely similar to the additional settings of the exercises. The editor of the writing tasks looks exactly like other exercises.

In the personal profile, the author has a tab "Content Library". It contains all the course content of the author (exercises, tasks, tests, webcontent, etc.). From this tab, you can edit or delete any created exercise etc.  Thus once created content can be used several times in different courses. If content is not already created, you can create it here and later place it on the pages of the selected course.

When examining the writing task you can write a comment on the answer and allow a new answer.