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Unlimited management of the groups

Unlimited statistics of the students

Automated monitoring of independent work of students

Publication of own materials without intermediaries

Independent course creation

Unlimited number of interactive exercises, written and oral tasks and testing of any format

Free acceptance / invitation of students to the course

Methodical advice and support

Methodical Webinar №1 Interactive vocabulary on the portal

Methodical Webinar №2 Interactive grammar and syntax at the portal

Methodical Webinar №3 Creative tasks for speech and writing

Personal advice via Skype

Recordings of the webinars

PDF Manuals: How to Teach Foreign Language Online

Correction of homework and feedback during the webinars

Methodical support during the webinars

Certificate of attendance if required

Additional services from the development company

Personal ad page of the author - landing (design, page layout, hosting)

Individual creation of the course based on provided materials of the author

* The number of days in a month equals 30 calendar days and starts on the next day after the day the money is received.

** The quoted price is based on the current exchange rate of the euro, which was set by the Russian Central Bank on March 1, 2018. In the event of an increase of more than 5% in the interest rate of the Russian Central Bank, the price may be changed. The administration of the portal is entitled to unilaterally change the price of the goods. Banking services are not included in the price and are borne by the buyer.
The license agreement is available in English upon request.

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