User roles

There are five user roles at Lingvomaster:

  1. Guest (if you’re not registered)

  2. Student

  3. Author

  4. Teacher

  5. Administrator


Guests can:

  • Register at the portal

  • View all the main site parts: Portal News, Course catalogue, Help, Contact, About and other

  • View Course Info pages

  • View demo pages of the courses (please, consider that not all courses have their demo pages. Some authors don’t create any demo pages)

  • View course news

After registration users get a default user role “Student”. Students apply for courses for further online learning. Students can:

  • Upgrade their accounts and become Authors and Teachers

  • Apply for courses and get access to closed pages and course tests

  • Apply for student groups or get invitations from group teachers

  • View the academic plan of the student group

  • Get course invitations from portal authors

  • Chat with course authors, teachers and fellow students

  • Comment courses

  • Comment course news

  • View own course statistics

Authors create own courses and update course content. Authors can:

  • Create a course and set access type for their courses

  • Manage course members by accepting or declining course applications or by sending course invitations to students

  • Manage course teachers by inviting them to the course

  • Add texts, tasks, audio, video content and tests to the course

  • Set access type to different course pages

  • Post course news and comments

  • View general course statistics and statistics on every course member

Teachers create and manage student groups – this way users can organize a more transparent and consistent learning process. Teachers can:

  • Accept or decline invitations from course authors

  • Create and manage student groups

  • Create and update the academic plan for the student groups

  • View course statistics on every group member


Administrators manage the whole portal. Administrators update the main site content, post portal news and help users in case of any issues.