Courses are basically sets of pages with different learning materials, which have a common topic. 


Every page is called a lesson at Lingvomaster.


Lessons can have texts, audio or video content, images, tasks and tests

Every course has not only lesson pages, but only a test page, a news page and a student group page.



Course access types:

  • Open courses: any registered user can become a course member
  • On demand: any registered user can send a course application and the course author will decide whether to accept or decline it
  • Closed courses: membership is available only if the course author invited a user to the course.


Course statistics

Course statistics is available in My courses and on the page Course info. Course authors and teachers get the full statistics on every course or group member. Students can only see their own statistics.



Copying course content

By default all course pages are protected from copying the contents. Copying is allowed only for course authors or portal administrators. If you’d like to allow copying of your lessons content, please change the course settings.