To create the exercise, use the corresponding button in the Content menu ("+" menu). The creation takes place with the uniform exercise editor for all exercise types. The lower part of the editor is different each time for the corresponding exercise.

When creating the exercise, the author also enters the passing score. You can also add tags for faster search.

The exercise created during the course is  accessible not only in this course. In the personal profile, the author has a tab "Content Library". It contains all the course content of the author (exercises, tasks, tests, webcontent, etc.). From this tab, you can edit or delete any created exercise etc.  Thus once created content can be used several times in different courses.

The upper part of the editor is similar for all exercise types. Here the author gives basic and additional settings. Extra settings are in the rolled up tab with the same title. 

"Fill in the Blank"

The Exercise Editor for the "Fill in the Blank" type is similar to the classic Web Content Editor, but has an additional instrument button "Insert gaps".

The gaps can have 2 types:

  • Input field where the learner types in a correct solution
  • Drop-down list where the learner should choose the right solution

You can change the type with the button in the editor. In the input field one or more variants that are considered correct must be entered by the author. 

The author should remember that the system only accepts the variant that matches the author text that you entered in the gap (including punctuation marks). If there is only one more difference, the answer is considered wrong. It is not recommended to use long sentences or complicated phrases in the type with the input field. On the contrary, it is more practical to choose the second variant with the dropdown list with offered answer options.

When creating the text with the drop-down list you should enter all variants that are offered to the learner and mark a correct one.


Exercise type "Matching" is created by adding the correct element pairs in a special input field.

"Multiple choice"
During the creation of the exercise type "multiple selection" one should formulate one or several questions, enter possible variants of the solution and mark correct solutions.

"Right order"

You should correctly enter elements for correct syntactic or logical placement - words or sentences.


One should enter questions and give them appropriate answers. After that you should press the button "Generate the crossword puzzle" until you like the visual form of the exercise.

When placing the exercise on the page, the author can choose an already created exercise or create a new one. These functions are in the «+» menu.

The selection of exercise already made looks like this: