Course creation

Congratulations on the course creation!

The course is understood to be a set of learning material pages created by the course author and united by a consistent theme. To create a new course, click on the button "Create course" in the "My Courses" section.

The preparation of the course takes place through a simple and understandable mask, where you enter all the initial parameters of the course. If the users are registered in the course, they get access to the closed pages of the course, so it is very important to choose and select the registration type for the new course: Open, On Demand or Private.

It is also important to enter a summary and course description, as this information is shown to the learners on the course information page. One should also not forget course categories. A categorized course is easier and faster to find in the course catalog.

After creating the course, you will immediately be taken to the course information page. This page is the very first one the learner gets to look at when entering the course.

From now on you can fill the course with learning materials: create course pages, add texts, images, audio and video to them, as well as different exercises and tests.

Please pay attention to these elements. The navigation menu describes the current page list of your course. It also contains a link to creating a new page.

The controls of course management - from top to bottom:

Add content (texts, exercises, tests) to this page
Correct page
Make editing elements visible or invisible


In this mode, all the management elements of the course, which usually sees only the author, are invisible. You can now see the materials the way the learner sees them


Please note that all elements in edit mode have blue line bars. These frames show what all the blocks look like on the page to which the content can be added.

The shapes of the frames depend on the style chosen when creating the page. In a frame you can add unlimited number of content elements.

You can choose to open this page as an example for all users of the portal.