Speaking provides a written assignment, you can record an audio task or upload an audio task.

To create this task you should select the corresponding item in the plus menu. You also have to determine a minimum and maximum length of recording and number of trials for the learner (1 to 4) other than the default parameters (title / text).

The audio file can be uploaded or recorded on the portal. Before recording, check the computer's sound settings to allow the browser to pick up the data from the microphone.

After the exercise is placed on the page, learners can submit their audio answers.

The author sees a special button for testing the answers, he is individual for each task. In brackets with this button is the number of answers. When pressed, the list of new answers will be in a tabular form.

In the personal profile, the author has a tab "Content Library". It contains all the course content of the author (exercises, tasks, tests, webcontent, etc.). From this tab, you can edit or delete any created exercise etc.  Thus once created content can be used several times in different courses. If content is not already created, you can create it here and later place it on the pages of the selected course.

To check the answer, press the button "Overview" in the corresponding line and fill in the fields of the exam.

After the test, the answer goes into the tab "Checked answers". Here are summarized all the answers that have been tested. If the new answer was allowed, it gets again in the tab of the unchecked answers.