“Online Author” contest at IT-Deutsch

(since Sept.,2015 LINGVOMASTER)

The portal for teaching and learning foreign languages LINGVOMASTER, is happy to announce a contest for the best mini online course in English, French or German. The contest is open to individual teachers, students of related fields and professional teams.

Aims of the Contest: filling the portal with high-quality content, encouraging the teachers to master the new educational technologies, spreading the skills of creating online materials within the pedagogic community.


  • Discovering and encouraging talented teachers and helping them share their best practices.
  • Supporting and spreading the experience of teaching foreign languages online.
  • Creating and fostering an online space for language professionals.
  • Improving the quality of personal education through spreading and using the materials supplied by the participants.
  • Promoting the best language teaching professionals

The applications for the course are accepted from June 1st to July 31th 2015.

The panel of judges works from June 1st to July 31th 2015.

The results of the contest will be announced on August 3rd 2015.

After registering at the portal please fill in the contest application form.

The participation is free. The contestants taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded monetary prizes from the Organizer. The sum of the prizes after tax deduction is as follows:

1st prize – 50 000 roubles.

2nd prize – 30 000 roubles.

3rd prize – 20 000 roubles.

All the contestants whose applications are accepted get a letter of appreciation.

For more details please check Contest terms and conditions on our site.

As a technical and methodical support for the authors we conduct weekly workshops for the users and provide an email (Nataliya.Bulgakova@soft-werke.com) and phone hotline support at +7 812 6772993, +7 952 3533212 (Natalia Bulgakova - Coordinator).

The winners are:

1st place – Shavalieva Leisan with mini-course «Phrasal verbs»

2nd place – Terekhina Marina with mini-course «Durch den Alltag mit dem Lied»

3rd place – Torgovkina Tatiana with mini-course «Histoire et géographie de France»

Congratulations to the winners!!!