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Dating Bloggers Should Think Before They Blog

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The online dating blog phenomenon has always fascinated me. It fascinates me because lot’s of singles treat their blogs like an online diary. True, blogs were meant for people to record their daily thoughts and activities, but I don’t think one should put their inner most thoughts and deep down secrets about their past and current relationships in their blogs–especially if you’re in the public eye.Through many observations, I have noticed how people who are known and have fans, can come off so unprofessional and immature when they provide too many intimate details about their personal life ( be it breakups, fights, and secrets) on their blog site.Usually when people do this, it’s written for ONE particular person to read. They long for this one person to read their blog and wonder what they think of it. Basically, they want to invoke anger, humilation or even empathy from this person, and guess what? Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) who reads it can see how transparent the blogger is.Of course there are going to be a few people out there reading this who will think I’m PERSONALLY attacking them, which further proves my point as to how self involved and oblivious some bloggers can be.Not only are WAY too personal blogs a desperate cry for attention, emotional blackmail, and in poor taste, they can also be very detrimental. News on the net travels WAY TOO FAST…and the consequences can be dire when it comes to your real-life relationships.In my opinion, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep it light in their dating blogs. For me, I like to write to inspire, inform, and entertain people. However, I will not make a grand gesture in detailed writing as to how much I miss a certain someone. Nor would I apologize for the mistakes I have made, or I try to get everyone on my side about a fight I had with a ex-lover in a BLOG! (What good is that going to do you?)Obviously, we are going to write personal things, but common sense should dictate that there are certain things that belong behind closed doors and not on a professional blog for the whole world to see. For heavy duty venting, go to a close friend or write in actual JOURNAL.What do you guys think about this subject?
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